Health Insurance In India

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Having health insurance plans is a necessity, as it provides risk cover against unforeseen medical expenses. In current times of high medical inflation rates, failing to hold adequate amount of health cover can prove to be a major personal finance disaster.

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Before buying any kind of health cover, one must be aware of all its details. Side by side comparison of health insurance plans provided by top companies in India, will help you to choose the best plan that provides all the necessary covers and benefits.

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Critical illnesses are life-threatening medical conditions that can have a crippling effect on the individual's lifestyle. Under critical illness insurance, insurer pays the charges of treatment necessary to cure the illness. These plans are cheaper than other types of plans.

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Accidents can occur when you least expect them to. They may result in bodily injury, disability or unfortunate death of the person. Accidental Insurance provides financial help in case of serious injury or death of the insured due to an accident.

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Providing the best quality health protection to safeguard your family is always a priority. Family health insurance plans allow the buyer to choose the number of adults and children that are to be covered under the insurance policy.

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Senior citizen health insurance plans are crucial when one is planning to retire and wants to live a relaxed life thereafter. A good health insurance policy is a necessity of the old age, as it reduces health related expenses of senior citizen.

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Individual health insurance plans cover an individual against the expenses required for the treatment of illnesses or injuries. You should compare individual health insurance plans to find out a plan that provides the maximum coverage and benefits at minimum premium.

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Surgical insurance plans cover the expenses of a surgery carried out on the insured person. Under these plans, insurer pays a lump sum amount to the insured, depending on the type of surgery. Compare surgical health insurance plans to choose the best one.

Compare Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance policies cover medical expenses incurred during the medical treatment of an insured person. Different types of policies such as Group Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance etc. provide various types of health cover. Also, there are hundreds of products in the Indian market today. Choosing the most suitable health insurance policy, without any assistance, is difficult. This makes it necessary for you to compare health insurance plans, which can be quite time-consuming. We provide the side by side comparison of all major health insurance policies available in the market today. Compare health insurance plans to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Importance of Health Insurance in India

As the Lifestyle changes, unhealthy diet and high stress environment have taken its toll on the society, the importance of health insurance in India is growing day by day. Diseases that used to be predominant in old age are now commonly found in the younger generation. Yet, only about 17% of the Indian population have some kind of health insurance cover. It must be understood that health insurance must not be seen only as a means of investment, but also as a tool to secure the future of you and your loved ones. Health insurance plans are of different types, such as Critical Illness Health Insurance, Accidental Health Insurance etc. It is important to compare health insurance plans, to choose the best policy among hundreds of policies available in the market today. Health policies contain many terms and conditions which must be thoroughly analyzed before finally purchasing.

What is Health Insurance?

A medical emergency can strike anyone at any time, causing significant emotional and psychological trauma. Not to mention the financial stress it causes. Medical emergencies are unpredictable and given the skyrocketing health care costs in India, it is wise to buy a health insurance. So what is health insurance? Health insurance in India is defined as a contract between an individual and an insurance provider, in which the insurer agrees to provide a specific health cover upon payment of a premium subject to the various terms and conditions. In other words, the medical costs incurred during the treatment of the insured are reimbursed by the insurance company.